“Guarding the deposit of faith is the mission which the Lord entrusted to His Church, and which she fulfills in every age”, exhorted the Blessed Pope John Paul II at the opening words of his Apostolic ConstitutionFideiDepositum, dated October 11, 1992.
The Church realizes the importance of the aboveApostolic degree and teaching the faith authentically, celebrating the faith in the truth spirit and imitating the life of Jesus as seen in the Gospels.
Catechism ministry of the local churches are one of the key instruments by which the Church imparts the deposit of faith handed over to her.
His Holiness Pope Pius XI on 14th July 1930 by the apostolic bull “Ad Christi Nomen” bifurcated the Archdiocese of Verapoly and formed a new Diocese of Vijayapuram with its headquarters in Kottayam municipal town. His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekkethecheril, the present bishop of Vijayapuram, is its fifth bishop.
The Catechism ministry of the Diocese of Vijayapuram is constituted of a three level teams namely central, forane, and parochial.At the very beginning itself catechism was always one of its main thrusts, however, a well organized catechism ministry started only in the later periods. At present the central team is headed by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Plathottam and Rev. Sr.Ambika D.I.H,Rev.Sr.Valsa Varghses, Rev.Sr.Valsa , Rev.Sr. Janin CSST , Mr.George K Antoney, Mr.John K.P, Mr.Jose, Mr.Jibu and Ms.Julie.A central level Committee discharges the responsibilities of training the teachers, conducting termly examinations, awarding the teachers and students for best their performance.
At present we have 1460 teachers to teach 10277 students of Malayalam Medium and 220 teachers to teach 900 students of Tamil Medium.